Sociologist Petr Hampl: Islam and Europe.

Those people who are protesting against Islam they all know you. Can you introduce yourself to the rest of the world?

I am an independent sociologist with Ph.D. from Charles University, an external coworker of Václav Klaus Institute. A typical representative of my generation – loving freedom, hating political correctness, spending young age revolting against communism and now refusing the new communism coming from EU and global corporations.

As a sociologist, I mostly concentrate on power distribution in modern societies, bureaucracy, class conflicts etc. My heroes are Edmund Burke, Charles W. Mills, Karl R. Popper and Charles Murray. So you can see that although I am a Czech nationalist, my thinking is strongly influenced by British and American ideas.

Perhaps it is not too arrogant to say that I am among the most important personalities of Czech alt-right movement (a big fan of Steve Bannon, by the way) and that I that I am accepted as a voice of Czech resistance against EU, global elites, political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism and all this group of totalitarian ideologies, although I am banned in big media and universities.

When have you realised what is going on in Europe?

After the fall of communism, I did believe that we were entering a long era of peace and freedom. I even supported the second war against Iraq and American aggression against Serbia!

But I gradually started to understand that political correctness, globalisation and dominance of corporations are even worse than the late communism was. It was evident that we are losing our freedoms and prosperity step by step and that rule of global elites replace the rule of people.

The key milestone was the migration crisis in 2015. In the year before the crisis, Czech Muslim community became very self-confident and aggressive. They started to openly communicate their aim to implement sharia in the Czech Republic. Arabian investors bought big pieces of land in the Czech Republic for new Islamic settlement. And at the same time, big media and non-profits started an aggressive campaign against „Islamophobes“, including clean-outs among their staff.

To write the book is not very easy. Where did you get the informations and how long does it take?

I was preparing for this book more than five years. I read perhaps hundreds of books and studies relevant to the understanding of the latest development of Western societies. Many of them state that „The West lost its living vitality,“ „The West is too tired,“ „The West lost belief in their values“ etc. Of course, is true. But it is highly dissatisfactory for me as a social scientist. I asked questions such as „what is the mechanism of value decay“ or „why the rich prefer neomarxism over any other ideology“ because I believe we need to understand the mechanism in details; otherwise we cannot repair it.

I tried to find a book with a reasonable explanation and there was no such book. So I decided to write the book on my own. Prolomeni hradeb (The Breaking through City Walls) become a bestseller immediately. In some weeks, it was better sold than Dan Brown. Brown.

You are preparing a new book. What do you want to write about? It was already everything told.

The topic of my next book will be How to gain the next generation for patriotism and of the defence the West. It may be published in 2020 earliest.

Currently, I try to concentrate on the promotion of The Breaking through City Walls. I organise public discussions around the country. I am also a vice-chairman of Streight White Men Pride Society and the executive secretary of Czech Society for Civilisation Studies.  And all these activities are done after my regular job in a factory. My time is thus quite limited.

To write the books in a foreign language is not very easy. Why do you want to read the book in English

During my ordinary career, I wrote hundreds of articles about technologies and information Security issues in English. However, I prefer to write my sociological books in Czech to preserve Czech way of thinking. I believe that this mentality of a small nation connecting Slovanic mindset and German method.

The breaking of City Walls is currently translated into English. It would be available by the end of the Year.

You are sociolog. Do you have some positive prognosis for Europe?

The best what we can hope in, is losing part of Europe to Islam and preserving some areas. But even this scenario is conditioned by a radical shift of power, perhaps even revolutions and civil wars.

We just must accept that some regions are already lost, such as London areas and big part of Sweden. We must also recognize that European humanism is already lost. The history teaches us that survival against Islam is conditioned by adopting the same severity and cruelty. As I say in my book. Letting those who had cut heads coming into Europe means that Europe will see head cutting. The only question is whose heads will be cut.

Jana Yngland Hrušková